Japanese health brand creates ‘washable’ book to teach children about hygiene

23rd of February 2018
Japanese health brand creates ‘washable’ book to teach children about hygiene

A global healthcare company and a Japanese pharmaceutical supplier have created a washable book in a bid to educate children in Cambodia about the benefits of washing their hands.

The storyline of the children's book is only revealed when the young readers "wash" the characters' hands with soap. As the hands of the protaganists are washed clean, the story appears in colour.

The book has been developed by global healthcare firm McCann Health in co-operation with Angfa, a Japan-based manufacturer of soaps, healthcare equipment and pharmaceutical supplies.

"The Washable Book is a learning experience and an interactive storybook that incorporates the physical act of handwashing into the story itself," said executive creative director of McCann Health Japan and North Asia Sean Riley. "It aims to ensure that the connection between cause and effect is made crystal clear."

Around 6,000 children in developing countries are said to die each day from infectious diseases. In October 2017, Angfa targeted Cambodia as a nation in need of particular help and launched its Save Soap campaign. This entails a bar of soap being sent to Cambodia for every soap bar purchased in Japan.

In the first part of the campaign, 400 of the books will be sent to Cambodia along with 400 Angfa soaps.


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