Hygiene in Healthcare - a new publication from ECJ

20th of February 2020
Hygiene in Healthcare - a new publication from ECJ

ECJ is launching a new publication focusing on the issues around the need for a universal vision around cleaning and maintenance in healthcare settings - Hygiene in Healthcare.

The healthcare industry around the world is facing a number of new challenges:

• Rise in antimicrobial resistance
• Ageing population
• Increasing costs
• Infectious diseases

The hospital environment is an important source of pathogen transmission and investing in infection prevention and control there is one of the most cost-effective ways for hospitals to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Yet although a safe and clean hospital is crucial for preventing HAIs, it is often ignored, underfunded and understudied.

Hygiene in Healthcare will address the key issues around the need for a more evidence-based approach to cleaning in these settings. The new publication will feature content relevant to those within the hospital environment who are responsible for keeping it clean and hygienic. Ultimately with a view to improving safety for patients.

We will be looking at the cleaning protocols used within hospitals in various countries, along with the products, and how they could be improved upon. How can staff responsible for cleaning be better equipped with the skills they need? What is the association between improved environmental hygiene and reduced HAIs? And how does that manifest in terms of cost and value?

ECJ’s new publication will also examine the issues surrounding cleaning and hygiene in other healthcare settings - health centres, clinics, care homes, GP surgeries.

Hygiene in Healthcare will officially be launched at the Healthcare Cleaning Forum in Amsterdam alongside Interclean this May.

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