Google closes down its cleaning robot company

14th of March 2023
Google closes down its cleaning robot company

Google's high-tech offices in California have until recently been filled with robots tasked with cleaning, recycling and fulfilling various other duties.

But the company has now announced that it will be shutting down its robot arm as part of a major cost-cutting drive.

The 100-plus robots at Google's offices use cameras and machine-learning to evaluate their environment and carry out tasks such as cleaning cafeteria tables, separating general waste from recyclables and replacing missing chairs in offices.

They are also capable of opening doors for employees, understanding basic verbal commands and fulfilling snack requests.

The machines were manufactured by Everyday Robots, a company formed within "X" which is part of Google's parent company Alphabet.

However, Everyday Robots is now to be shut down as part of wider cost-cutting initiatives within Google. Company CEO Sundar Pichai last month announced that 12,000 employees would be laid off.

According to representatives for Everyday Robots and X, an unspecified number of human staff and robots will be retained within Google's existing robotics programmes. However, it has been announced that Everyday Robots will "no longer be a separate project within Alphabet".



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