Dettol Pro Solutions brings targeted hygiene approach to Commonwealth Games

2nd of August 2022
Dettol Pro Solutions brings targeted hygiene approach to Commonwealth Games

As the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games get underway in the UK, official hygiene partner Dettol Pro Solutions is bringing its multifunctional approach to hygiene interventions based on the science of targeted hygiene to focus on key places and moments which will be most likely to break the chain of infection.

This three-stage approach, says the company, can be adapted by any business to disinfect high-traffic and commonly-touched areas at the right times and frequency, optimising labour resources.

Stage 1: Identify and understand key moments and key surfaces

Identifying and understanding key hygiene moments is crucial to delivering an efficient solution. By using a risk-based approach to understand the areas that may need to be cleaned more frequently in shared spaces, as well as potential hotspots that are regularly touched and shared, such as lift buttons and door handles, not only can businesses help to boost confidence with patrons, but they can also ensure efficiency across their staffing teams.

It has been shown that a reduction in risk can be achieved by disinfection interventions on frequently touched surfaces so Dettol protocols recommend a frequency of disinfection according to risk, whilst also considering practicality. For example, it's vital some surfaces such as gym equipment or athletes' accommodation between changeovers be cleaned before and after use, but for door handles it recommends every two to three hours, depending on use of the building.

Stage 2: Reference and apply science-backed hygiene interventions

Scientific evidence, insights and expertise should be employed to inform hygiene protocols. Dettol Pro Solutions' team of virologists, microbiologists, public health and medical scientists has developed a custom, targeted hygiene programme for the Commonwealth Games.

Hand hygiene is regarded as one of the most important hygiene measures. However this knowledge does not necessarily translate into practice. Indeed some studies have found lack of hand hygiene after using the bathroom to be as high as 80 per cent. Understanding these facts, Dettol Pro Solutions' team of experts have used a number of scientific elements to determine the placement of 2,800 Dettol hand sanitiser dispensers over the 12-day event.

Stage 3: Develop and generate hygiene understanding

The pandemic has reshaped hygiene expectations and hands, air and surfaces are domains with the greatest hygiene concerns. Cleaning and the disinfection of surfaces has become a core part of our daily life, with having a sufficient understanding of hygiene protocols becoming more central to people's lives.

As part of the Dettol Pro Solutions' partnership, athletes and volunteers at the Games will be provided with hygiene kits and spectators will have access to hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the venues, supported by key messaging to help deliver hygiene education.


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