Cleaners wipe down train before Kim Jong Un steps off

8th of May 2019
Cleaners wipe down train before Kim Jong Un steps off

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un travelled by train to Vladivostock last week for a meeting with Vladimir Putin, president of Russia. But before he stepped from the train to make his appearance a dedicated cleaning team was seen frantically wiping the train doors and windows to make sure they were shining for Kim's arrival.

The attendants, wearing black business suits and white gloves, ran alongside the still moving train as it pulled into the station, making sure every speck of dust was removed. And there was a slight halt in proceedings when the train had to back up to get in line with a red carpet that had been laid out for his entrance.

Kim made the journey by train despite it being just a short flight from Pyongyang to Vladivostok. He was reportedly traveling with a big entourage - possibly more than 200 people - and many supplies. He also had a fleet of cars transporting him said to be equipped with flat-screen TVs.


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