Self-cleaning toilets also lock themselves up at night

1st of October 2019
Self-cleaning toilets also lock themselves up at night

A futuristic set of washrooms that can clean themselves, monitor toilet paper usage and lock themselves up at night has opened in the North Hollywood Recreation Centre in the US.

Made from wood and stainless steel, the Exeloo toilets are accessed when a potential user waves his or her hand near the entry button of one of the unisex cubicles. Once inside, a voice warns the occupant that they only have 10 minutes to complete their business.

And if the user remains in situ to long, they will hear the words: "Warning: internal scanners show this unit to be empty. If occupied, move around to allow detection."

Aimed at reducing maintenance costs, the toilets also have automated toilet tissue dispensers that give out a pre-determined amount of paper to each user. Soap dispensers, taps and hand dryers are also all hands-free.

Mood-setting music is played for the duration of each visit, and the loo automatically cleans itself after every 30 uses. And the washrooms also lock themselves up at night.

Despite their maintenance-free design, the toilets are regularly checked by park maintenance workers to prevent any misuse. Installed at a cost of US $185,000, the two cubicles feature signs in English, Spanish and Braille that provide instructions on how to use the wheelchair-accessible facilities.

Council officials declared the block open at an event during which a length of toilet tissue "tape" was ceremoniously cut. The city hopes to install more Exeloo toilets over the next 12 months if the existing ones are a success.



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