Cleaning industry bodies warn of profiteers cashing in on Coronavirus fears

29th of June 2020
Cleaning industry bodies warn of profiteers cashing in on Coronavirus fears

Cleaning sector trade bodies in the UK are warning the industry and the public to beware of possible profiteers cashing in on the Coronavirus situation.

As lockdown lifts, organisations need to clean and keep clean offices, shops, and all other public spaces. Demand for certain cleaning and hygiene products - hand and hard surface sanitisers, gloves, disposable polythene aprons, non-woven wipes - continues to far outstrip supply.

Unscrupulous profiteers are capitalising on the opportunity - some making false claims for products. The British Cleaning Council (BCC) and the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) have both issued warnings: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

BCC chair Paul Thrupp explained: "The public needs to beware of some organisations outside the established cleaning and hygiene sector playing on people's fears about Coronavirus to take advantage of the unprecedented demand for cleaning and hygiene products and services.

"We are aware of many instances where the products and services they offer have been exceptionally overpriced, with no kind of guarantee that they will do the job."

Chair of CHSA Lorcan Mekitarian continued: "We have seen some remarkable claims for products. They have included statements that cleaning once with a hard surface sanitiser will keep a surface sterile for days. It sounds exactly what businesses need, but it's only true in laboratory conditions. In a real-life environment, as soon as someone or something touches the surface there'll be a residue on which the Coronavirus can survive.

"As we're previously reported, there is also a marked increase in imported Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with fake or no CE marking.

"Turning to products with extraordinary claims is tempting, particularly when your regular suppliers may be rationing product due to shortages. Buying product from new, unknown suppliers claiming to have good stocks of ‘compliant product' may sound good but it's a waste of money if they don't have the right certification mark."

Both organisations are urging purchasers to buy products from CHSA members, who sign the association's rigorous code of practice.



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