TTS Dosely soaks one mop at a time

4th of November 2015
TTS Dosely soaks one mop at a time

Dosely is a mechanical cleaning solution dispenser designed to soak one mop at a time while it is on the trolley. Designed by TTS, the dosing system is secure in that detergent goes into a removable hermetic tank which can be locked into the trolley using a key. The operative also has the flexibility to adjust the amount of cleaning solution applied to the mop during cleaning, which saves on chemical.

This means no more carrying of heavy buckets filled with pre-soaked mops and no manual pre-soaking - saving on time and labour. And reducing the risk of cross-contamination says TTS. Less water and electricity are used because there are fewer mops to wash and detergent consumption is also reduced because Dosely soaks only the cleaning side of the mop which saves up to one-third of cleaning solution for each mop. 

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