Vileda’s connected mops remove the guesswork for cleaners

11th of May 2022
Vileda’s connected mops remove the guesswork for cleaners

First it was washroom dispensers, then it was trolleys. Now it's the turn of mops to get connected.

Currently being demonstrated on the Vileda stand is EviSense, a digital sensor unit that can be clipped to the Swep mop handle.

"We use an RFID reader, a sim card and smart algorithms to allow us to track different parameters," said digital sales manager Florian Schneider. "If the unit blinks yellow it means the mop needs changing, while a green light confirms that the right mop has been fitted. And a blue light means the unit is collecting data."

EviSense connects every mop in the room and allows the supervisor to check via a dashboard whether or not floors have been thoroughly mopped. So, is its aim to check up on cleaners? No - it simply guides them, explains Schneider.

"A cleaner might be told to change the mop every 25 metres, but what does 25 metres look like?" he said.

"In vulnerable environments such as the hospitality and healthcare sectors it is particularly important to mop every square metre of flooring and to change the mops frequently. So the system simply ensures that nothing gets missed."

The company is currently running pilots with the view to launching EviSense in quarter four of 2022.

Also on the Vileda stand is a new line of microfibre wipes and mops made from up to 100 per cent recycled products.



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