Public Hygiene Awareness is Here. Are You Ready?

28th of April 2020
Public Hygiene Awareness is Here. Are You Ready?

With the COVID-19 pandemic now upon us, more and more, cleaning transparency is now paramount. Suddenly, a paper log on the back of a door is no longer valid.

NFC Enabled Task Validation and Inspection Applications

Optiqo works with high traffic environments to improve and validate cleaning frequencies and tasks validation through NFC based mobile applications. Our solutions can chronologically document all cleaning tasks as well as create and follow up on mobile inspections. All data, regardless whether it is from one or multiple locations, can then be automatically uploaded to a live KPI Dashboard for real time analysis, providing the ability to take decisions more proactively.

Digital Bathroom Hygiene Monitor With Non-Touch Customer Feedback Application

Optiqo also provides solutions that digitally identify when an area was last cleaned. Moreover, with multiple locations, how can outdated log sheets be collected and reported in real time? Through the use of Optiqo's Hygiene Monitors, site cleaning transparency has led to increased reassurance on the part of the end user (public facing) that management is taking their cleanliness and hygiene seriously. Should your premises need attention, your clients can advise in real-time via their mobile device.

Customised KPI Dashboard

All KPI data can be accessed via any web-enabled device. Moreover, you can track key data sets such as inspections, task validations, and deviations all at the click of a mouse. This can have a positive effect on cost savings related to cleaning supplies as well as reducing costs attributed to physical resource allocation.

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