Creating jobs in French cleaning sector

31st of March 2021
Creating jobs in French cleaning sector

From France, Christian Bouzols tells us the success story of a cleaning company launched in 2016.

Having gone through a commercial college and gained four years of professional experience, Marie Mauvoisin set up her own cleaning company in 2016.

To help her in this process, Mauvoisin, who lives in Challans, a seaside town in the west of France, approached the Maison & Services franchising organisation. That firm had grown considerably and now franchises over 150 cleaning companies across France, totalling over 4,000 cleaners working for tens of thousands of customers, explains Marie Mauvoisin.

In her area of operation, a radius of 30 km around Challans, her company offers domestic services carrying out tasks such as ironing, window cleaning and garden maintenance for over 300 customers.

In order to meet the needs of shopkeepers, artisans, small manufacturers, etc she decided to set up a dedicated entityin 2017 under the name of Challans Propreté Services. “Whatever the type of customer, before we sign a contract, we go to see his or her premises and establish a free estimate”, says this entrepreneurial housewife.

“Ever since I created these companies, I’ve never stopped recruiting and I pride myself in only signing permanent contracts with my staff. I have 45 people working under permanent contracts, some of them part-time and some full-time. They include both men and women and all get the appropriate training.”

Those that have just been hired get the training they require and are handed a best practices guide written by the franchising organisation.

COVID-19 has changed working practices and enhanced the level of activity. Mauvoisin’s cleaners and her clients are told to abide by a set of instructions. Here are some relevant examples: “Clients are required to ventilate their premises before and after we arrive. They must wear a face mask and isolate themselves in another room. Our protocols progress with time and currently involve the systematic sanitisation of contact points such as taps, chairs, computers, switches, remotes, telephones, door handles, etc. Additionally, our product suppliers are asked to contribute to hygiene while protecting the environment at the same time.”

A main goal is to ensure the growth of the business and to continue to hire and retain workers, but Mauvoisin also stresses the importance of her garden maintenance services. Romain Poulailleau, the person in charge of this side of the business, is keen to develop entirely green approaches.

“What we aim to do is to come to the customer with all the tools needed and to not leave any waste onsite.  I’m looking for solutions to convert all waste at the client’s premises into mulched ground covering, wood chips or compost. In addition, my training allows me to advise people on how to manage their kitchen gardens”.

With the impressive growth of her business, Marie Mauvoisin’s head office now has too little space. “We’ve approached the landlord to see what can be done to resolve the problem.”

This surely is the best proof of the success of a business that started with nothing five years ago and whose payroll will now soon be exceeding 50 people.


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