Monovac Freedom: a technological leap to freedom

The cable-free Monovac Freedom has that little bit extra to offer in all areas: vacuuming performance, coverage and technical features. With its 320-watt suction turbine, it is currently the most powerful battery-operated vacuum cleaner of its class. With a running time of 45 minutes on a full charge, even large areas can be cleared of dust quickly and easily.

The lithium iron phosphate battery was developed by Wetrok experts, exclusively for the Monovac Freedom. As a result it features maximum safety, top suction power and it can be charged simply and swiftly using the external charger.

Another advantage: with no cable, the risk of tripping is significantly reduced. Furthermore, the Monovac Freedom's on-off function is controlled purely by touch: touch the handle and the machine turns on. Let go of the handle and it turns off. This is made possible by the revolutionary Touch'n'Clean technology, which can reduce power consumption by up to 30%. The vacuum cleaner only turns on when it is actually being used. A powerhouse that keeps a low profile with «Defined Air Pressure» technology keeping noise levels to a minimum. Even in noise-sensitive environments the Freedom proves non-disruptive.


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