A new addition to the Discomatic scrubber-dryer product family:

Discomatic Bolero - Two Tanks for Unlimited Versatility

The Discomatic Mambo scrubber-dryer has been wowing cleaning customers all over the world since 2014 when it received the Interclean Innovation Award. Now Wetrok has bolstered the Discomatic product family with an amazing new addition for even more cleaning versatility: the Discomatic Bolero. This machine is a true all-rounder and its two tanks solve an age-old dilemma.

Our customers often need both a compact cleaning machine with low clearance and a larger model that can handle large areas quickly and effectively. The Discomatic Bolero is Wetrok's answer to the either-or dilemma, as this new machine offers twice the scope of performance.

Discomatic Bolero: The 2-in-1 All-Rounder
The Bolero eliminates the need to choose between a small, compact machine and a large, high-performance model. Two tanks (10 litres and 20 litres) enable a swift transition between different areas of application. In no time all, the Bolero is transformed from a small machine with low clearance into a scrubber-dryer with a wide performance range. The Bolero really proves its worth when it comes to vacuuming performance, providing suction when being pushed as well as when being pulled. By the way, no tools are needed to mount or remove the tanks or vacuuming attachments. The suction nozzles are held with magnets and the suction lips click into place.


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