Vibe Pro®

Vectair saw a gap in the evolution of aircare solutions. There was nothing on the market that had precision dosing-allowing for accurate scheduling-and delivered a more consistent scent experience. Aerosol dispensers provide scheduling, but heavy fragrance particles quickly fall. Passive systems provide fragrance consistency, but don't allow for programming.

Vibe Pro® effectively meets both needs. It combines patented dosing technology with Vibrating Mesh Technology to deliver ultra-fine particles, creating a diffuser-like mist that hangs in the air, layering fragrance with each spray. Proprietary scents contain Airadicate® Malodor Counteractant and are formulated to pass through 2,000 laser-cut holes.

Vectair also leverages their scheduling technologies in Vibe Pro®, allowing users to customize their fragrancing schedule and change out frequency. Patented Intensity Plus Event technology allows users to program a boost of fragrance at their busiest time of day. Vibe Pro® users are optimizing their refills and getting better value for their money using the fragrance only when required. Additionally, refill change out frequency programming means you know exactly when your refill is ready to be changed.

Vibe Pro® refills can last up to 90 days, are Carbon Footprint Neutral, and come in a sophisticated suite of scents, providing facilities with a tool to elevate the guest experience and their spaces. Formulations are 100% fragrance-compared to aerosols that typically contain 4-12% fragrance-and are free from propellants like butane or propane.

First impressions are critical in today's climate. Vibe Pro® allows you to communicate cleanliness with aircare-essential in a post-COVID era.

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