Vectair Systems - VibeĀ® Pro


Looking for a technologically-superior aircare system that can help elevate a space to the next level? The new Vibe® Pro from Vectair Systems is the newest innovation in metered aircare. The aircare dispenser leverages patented Vibrating Mesh Technology to create an ultra-fine mist of fragrance that floats in the air longer. It provides consistency, customisation and flexibility in an altogether more sustainable way.

With first impressions critical in today's climate, Vibe® Pro gives users the opportunity to control and communicate cleanliness with aircare - essential in a post-COVID era.

Combining patent-pending dosing technology with unique Vibrating Mesh Technology and customisable programming, Vibe® Pro provides a consistent scent experience when and where people need it. Proprietary scents are specially formulated to pass through 2,000 laser-cut holes and contain Airadicate® Malodour Counteractant. It solves many of the problems that users might experience with current aircare systems, including heavy fragrance particles that fall quickly to the floor and a lack of programming customisation.

The battery-operated dispenser is fully programmable, with customers able to set their dispenser to deliver fragrance only during the hours they are open, with patented Intensity Plus Event Technology allowing them to provide a fragrance boost at their busiest time of the day.

We've created an aircare system with more consistency, more control, more flexibility and a more sustainable refill. Watch the video and find out more at



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