Vectair Systems help create immersive environments with the launch of a new range of SensaMistâ„¢ scent diffusers.

Scent is an important emotional influencer, and in addition to fragrancing an environment as a solution to mask unpleasant smells and odours, nowadays it is common to experience fragrance as a user ‘experience' in a location. Organisations are realising the powerful ability of our sense of smell, and using the magic of scent to deeply connect with our emotions.

Smell can evoke memories and lasting impressions, which stimulate emotions and trigger certain behaviours. Yet the true magic and effect of scent is only just being discovered.

With the SensaMistTM brand a user will find solutions to all of their scenting needs, with a range of diffusers to suit any environment or application.

The advanced atomizer technology in SensaMistTM diffuses a fine mist of fragrance into the environment.

The diffuser range is able to accommodate rooms and environments of any size, from between 80m3 to 2000m3 depending on the device chosen from the washroom to the lobby. With a choice of both wall mountable and table or floor standing units, battery or 12V DC operated units, as well as units that are suitable for HVAC (air conditioning) installation, there are suitable solutions for every application.

With an extensive range of high quality fragrances available, each fragrance oil refill is suitable for service and rental companies (those wanting to service customer accounts), or the end user, as the dispenser refills are simply filled at source using the clever master refill bottle.

Fragrance oil refills can also be purchased to fill other fragrance systems if necessary, to give one complete harmonized scent in your location.

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