The VIBEĀ® Range from Vectair Systems


Introducing the science of Vibrating Mesh Technology, creating powerful fragrances for large spaces using a truly cutting edge technique and ultra-smart, programmable and patented aircare dispensers. The Vibrating Mesh Technology that goes into our VIBE® aircare dispenser range offer a wholly unique way of controlling odours.

A choice of two high quality dispensing systems create your ideal environment.


The VIBE unit can service an area of up to 500m³ (18,000 cubic feet) for up to 90 days, covering the equivalent of up to 3 aerosol dispensers.  VIBE® is great for a variety of locations as it is silent in operation, contains no solvents and is VOC exempt, using just a pure fragrance formulation. It also has total user flexibility when programming.


The colossal coverage from the VIBE® PLUS dispenser means just one unit will dispense fragrance to an area of up to approximately 3,400m³ (120,000 cubic feet).  This is aided also by the fact the fragrance particles remain airborne for many hours for superior fragrance delivery.

Two 500ml scent cartridges enable a blend of complementary fragrances from one dispenser, allowing the user to set different ambiences with clever programmable features for up to 360 days.  There is the capability to create almost any fragrance for any location, to heighten an experience, to remove and odour, or to set a scene.

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