The Professional Passive Programâ„¢

Vectair Systems Inc. launches its "Professional Passive Program" - a selection of passive, VOC exempt aircare products with suited fragrances
AirloopTM is an air freshener clipping tightly to the outside of a toilet bowl providing high quality and effective fragrance. Made from a flexible EVA material which fits toilet rims of all different shapes & sizes, AirloopTM utilizes Vectair's "clip and go, clip and throwTM' technology, and is VOC exempt and fully recyclable. AirloopTM is designed to be ‘flush safe', limiting the chance of a toilet blockage. It is also multi-purpose and as well as the toilet, can be placed onto a variety of objects.

Vectair Wee-ScreenTM is a simple yet superior urinal screen intended to deliver pristine urinal maintenance through its unique bubble design. Vectair Wee-ScreenTM has been carefully constructed and, due to the nature and shape of the bubbles, effectively prevents splash back. Built to be flexible using interlacing strips of EVA material to form a strong but bendable lattice. This means it comfortably fits most urinal shapes and sizes. Strong fragrance is continually released over the course of 30 days.

Vectair P-ScreenTM is the World's first triple action 60 day urinal screen - incorporating dual fragrance delivery, an active central core with enzyme protection and the ultimate defence against splash back & foul odors. Dual fragrance is continually released for up to 60 days. Its active central core provides impressive enzyme protection, containing naturally occurring bacteria that degrades organic matter, physically eating away at bad smells. This also reduces organic scale build-up by ensuring that uric salt is made more soluble, broken down and therefore made easier to flush away. Both urinal screen designs are protected with a registered design mark, so they are truly one of a kind.

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