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Trojan Battery offers advanced deep-cycle battery technologies engineered to maximize equipment performance, reduce downtime and extend overall battery life.

Trojan's deep-cycle flooded batteries are the flagship of Trojan's product portfolio, offering rugged durability and long life. Featuring Trojan's T2 TechnologyTM, an advanced battery design that provides maximum sustained performance and increased total energy, Trojan's deep-cycle flooded batteries are ideal for a variety of applications.

Deep-cycle flooded batteries require regular watering to ensure maximum performance and life. Trojan's HydroLinkTM single-point watering system simplifies this process, and saves time and money by helping avoid battery failures, and associated premature battery replacement due to lack of consistent watering. Featuring an independent water level indicator, HydroLink can accurately display if a battery needs watering, and with an automatic valve shut-off, controls the electrolyte level within each cell. A set of batteries can be filled in less than 30 seconds.

AGM & Gel
Non-spillable batteries such as AGM and gel designs, are gaining in popularity due to various regulatory requirements. To meet this growing worldwide demand, Trojan offers a broad portfolio of deep-cycle AGM and gel batteries that require minimal maintenance, and can be used in locations where mandates require equipment be powered by batteries that do not spill or gas.

Trojan's non-spillable deep-cycle AGM and gel batteries are maintenance-free featuring unique design elements for optimum performance and rugged durability. Robust plates, advanced separators and proprietary paste and gel formulations extend the life cycle of Trojan's deep-cycle AGM and gel batteries.

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