Are you using the right litter picker to prevent churn in your workforce?

A litter picker should be sturdy enough to pick up heavier debris, and the jaw should clasp firmly without the need to excessively apply pressure to the handle and thus cause discomfort to the end-user.

The Helping Hand NEW Gel  handled Litter Picker has been designed to reduce the normal hand stresses and fatigue associated with professional litter picking when holding conventional steel equivalents. The anodized aluminum shaft means that the picker is lightweight but able to provide maximum support when in use.

  • Ergonomic & anatomic design -built for human use
  • Soft grip gel handle ensures a more comfortable, fatigue free grip
  • Hard wearing design ensures stable grip and endurance use

Upgrade to your new gel handled picker today and enjoy a NEW generation litter picker with 12 months guarantee!

A Unique product from the experts in street cleansing tools-call Helping Hand today on: +44 (0) 1531 635678 for your free trial

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