Nature’s Preservative and Protector, Formulated to Tackle Today’s Disinfecting Demands

Years ago, if a surface or textile showed no dirt, it was considered "clean." These cleaning protocols would never cut it today. Our society has a nonnegotiable need to clean and disinfect against a vast and highly varied group of bacteria and viruses. However, for a disinfecting product to be successful in the marketplace, it must meet many other requirements.

Chemours' GlycleanTM D disinfecting products are based in glycolic acid, nature's preservative and protector. GlycleanTM D can be used in formulations for EU National Registrations, and Chemours has registrations with the U.S. EPA, Canada, and Korean BPR.

In terms of performance, GlycleanTM D is a disinfecting powerhouse, offering a nonflammable, VOC-exempt, antimicrobial raw material that kills a range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, as well as large, small, enveloped, and nonenveloped viruses. Due to its duality of action, GlycleanTM D dramatically minimizes microbial resistance, eliminating the need to clean surfaces before disinfecting and providing a critical time benefit when labor shortages are more common.

As global environmental initiatives continue to intensify and concerns about epidemics and pandemics remain, disinfectants will face more challenging demands. The ability to meet these demands lies in resilient, reliable products like GlycleanTM D, which are formulated to evolve with the world around us.



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