Upgrade to the most hygienic toilet brush.

Are you ready for next generation toilet brush?

The Danish brand Sanimaid® is already being used many places from national hospitals to private homes, and for a good reason too. Sanimaid® has developed the market's most hygienic toilet brush with anti-microbial technology from Microban®, and in these times, excellent hygiene can save lives. We all know the classic toilet brush and all its disadvantages. It is probably the most disgusting and ugly product in the washroom and no longer belongs in a modern and healthy environment.

The Award-Winning Sanimaid® is not just offering the best hygiene in the market, but also a sustainable quality that last and with 5-year guarantee. Sanimaid® has a practical and modern wall-mounted design, that is both beautiful and makes the cleaning around the toilet faster and easier, which is cost saving.

If you are also tired of the traditional brush and ready for the next generation toilet brush, then the company will demonstrate this innovation at booth #07-121 during the Interclean fair in Amsterdam.

Sanimaid® will also introduce the NEW hard water limescale stain remover. Hard water limescale stains are both ugly, but also hard to remove. Sanimaid® has just introduced the new effective Stain Remover to solve this problem. Keep tiles in the shower and the toilet bowl clean and shiny for a beautiful and hygienic environment. The clever invention with reusable and replaceable abrasive cleaning pads is a must-have and can be used everywhere you have hard water scale issues. Sanimaid® offers great benefits compared to traditional pumice stones or chemicals. 1. More effective as it is flexible and cleans the whole surface. 2. Easier and more convenient to use. 3. More hygienic with anti-microbial technology. 4. Sustainable quality and environmentally friendly.

Contact: info@sanimaid.com. www.sanimaid.com

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