Hygiene Made Digital

How can you guarantee guest satisfaction, while reconciling the demands of hygiene regulations, and a lack of time and qualified personnel? OPHARDT's OWMS software and new generation of intelligent dispensers SanTRAL® plus help you elevate the washroom experience for your guests while also improving maintenance and cleaning efficiencies.

This latest addition to the OPHARDT Intelligent Solutions (OIS) suite of products, packs together 57 years of dispensing innovation, 30 years of cutting-edge stainless steel manufacturing, and 10 years of digital hardware and software advancements. The result is a public washroom series that is truly a reflection of the state-of-the-art, while staying true to its roots as a flexible and dependable pillar of hand hygiene.

The launch of the full SanTRAL® plus product series will take place in stages. A set of six core products will be launched October 31th, 2020, with multiple further product releases planned in 2021.

With our OPHARDT Washroom Monitoring System (OWMS), we offer fully integrated smart hand care solutions. Smart dispensers in the SanTRAL® plus range continuously transmit their usage data to web-based software that can be used to measure fill levels, optimize refill cycles, and sustainably increase the availability of filling goods. Using a mobile application (Android, iOS), maintenance staff can access real-time data and plan maintenance activities accordingly. Equipped with this information facility management can ensure washroom visitors always have access to the products they need, while at the same time unlocking significant savings potential.

All products of the SanTRAL® plus series are "Smart ready" and available with OWMS and OHMS (OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System®). Contact us for more information OPHARDT Intelligent Solutions!



OPHARDT Hygiene is a family owned group of companies, specializing in the design and manufacture of a complete range of hardware and software hygiene solutions. With more than 50 years of experience, we work to support healthcare institutions, food processing facilities, public institutions and beyond, in our mission to Break the Chain of Infection.

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