New technological features have their place but so does simplicity and common sense.

 The all new Numatic TGB3045 TwinTec has been upgraded, focusing on
three core values... Reliability, Durability and Usability.

Selecting a scrubber dryer today has become a maze of new technological features and specifications all of which have their place, but so does simplicity and common sense. The new TGB3045 focuses on a simple objective... clean and dry floors, day in day out.

"It's quite simple, our customers want clean and dry floors with no fuss. The new GelTec range offers exactly that... easy to use, simple to maintain and years of hardworking service."
Kevin Andrews, FloorCare Manager, Numatic Int.

The TGB3045 has been developed from the ground up starting with the unique Structofoam chassis, providing a completely corrosion free alternative to steel. Each element of design is based upon understanding the user needs... simplicity and reliability. Controls have been colour coded allowing new operators to quickly get to grips with operating the machine. Two options for filling, an improved level indicator, easy to access charging point and water filter and simple Flip-deck brush change all combine to create a scrubber dryer that is ready to.

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