Hygolet S3500 Hygienic Toilet Seat

the cleanest seat
Hygiene and cleanliness, especially in public restrooms, are sensitive areas of a person's private sphere. The use of public and semi-public toilets is often a source of discomfort. The S3500 eliminates this discomfort by demonstrating that the toilet seat is clean and dry before every use.

sensor activated
By activating the sensor, a micro-thin hygienic film is pulled around the toilet seat ring providing visual proof that a clean and untouched seating surface is now available. This gives customers and staff a sense of comfort and security for which there is no alternative.

Less attention is required to individual toilets by maintenance staff because the S3500 guarantees that the toilets stay clean for all restroom patrons. The built-in LCD display shows the remaining level of the hygienic film so it can be replaced in a timely manner.

plumbing cost control
Clogged toilets can lead to flooding and extra plumbing costs. Toilet paper and paper seat covers are often used to line the toilet seat, only to be flushed which can lead to clogged pipes. By eliminating the need for the extra toilet paper, the S3500 can help reduce plumbing costs.

toilet plume
Flushing a toilet creates an aerosol plume effect which propels millions of water molecules and microorganisms into the air in aerosol form. These molecules and microorganisms then settles on nearby objects. For this reason, it is important to close the toilet lid when flushing the toilet. Even when flushing with a closed lid, only the S3500 will guarantee a toilet seat that is free of microorganisms.

Hygolet was founded in 1978 with a trick up its sleeve, the world's first Hygienic Toilet Seat. Today we carry on this legacy of innovation with our 4th generation Hygienic Toilet Seat, the best-in-class product available.

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