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In industries where margins are squeezed, Hydro System's innovative products have been providing far-reaching solutions for decades. Our chemical dilution, dispensing and dosing technology is developed from guiding principles of long-term cost control, customer satisfaction and environmental awareness.

Two new kitchen innovations continue our commitment to excellence. Sector driver, the EvoOne single-dose dispenser, reflects moves toward high super concentrate chemicals, ensuring accuracy - even without mains water. Embodying Hydro's clean, compact design style, it incorporates our new tamper-proof Closed Cap System to deliver safe operation and chemical exclusivity.

The EvoRinse is the next step in solid chemical economy. A solid rinse aid dissolver, equally effective using hot or cold water, it limits transit bulk and provides safety benefits on site. Use EvoRinse in conjunction with the EvoWash for consistently safe, accurate chemistry from the latter's integrated control unit.

Convenient, intuitive, user-friendly and new to Europe is the AccuMax 4P. This all-in-one system has the quickest installation and set-up time available. Housing up to four chemicals in a lockable cabinet, it offers multiple branding opportunities. An equally impressive four chemical, dilution choice is the feature-packed, EvoDose system that incorporates AccuPro pressure regulation for efficient cleaning and sanitation wherever required.

A standard-bearer of our commitment to making life easier for our customers is the EvoClean. Revolutionising commercial laundry, this performance-optimising unit without moving parts, eliminates the chores of routine maintenance. An on-board automated control system monitors specific cost trends to deliver total transparency, exemplifying the Hydro philosophy of empowering customers through innovation.

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