Quick-charge system for long operating times

For the almost permanent availability of scrubber-driers

Bothered about long charging periods?
Are you looking for higher availability of your machines?

With Hako-QuickchargeSystem, your machines are almost continuously ‘on duty'. In between, cleaning sessions can be carried out at any time. After a charging period of only 30 minutes, the machine is ready for use again. If you have even less time available for charging, the powerful initial charging current of up to 90 A still achieves a relatively high charging level.

Powerful performance

Both the quick-charge battery and the innovative quick-charge technology enable significantly increased running times even at a low battery capacity. The quick-charge battery keeps a high voltage level during the discharging process, enabling the system to utilize saved energy more effectively compared to conventional batteries. Intermediate charging is explicitly encouraged. The battery has been designed for frequent charging intervals without any considerable sacrifices to capacity. Extremely long running times. The quick-charge system re-charges the battery during coffee breaks. The quick-charge, lead drive batteries are fully maintenance-free. The system is very environmentally friendly due to its long life cycle.

The models Scrubmaster B45 CL and B70 CL DaytimeCleaning (DTC) are modern, compact scrubber-driers for basic- and maintenance cleaning of all non-textile floors. The modular design guarantees customized machines equipped to meet client-specific requirements and operating conditions. Available are three different working widths, a tool connection point and many other interesting options. Our special battery and charging technology enables interim charging within 30 minutes, guaranteeing highest possible availability.



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