Gain transparency – increase profitability Hako-Fleet-Management-Solutions

You need to keep on top of plenty of data in order to run your machines efficiently.
Hako-Fleet-Management-Solutions does all that for you.

Fleet management made easy
Hako's web portal, the Hako-Fleet-Report, provides fleet managers with an easy and convenient solution to access detailed information on all Hako machines in their fleet. Information on each individual machine, including service intervals or financing options, is available at any time on the Internet. Hako automatically saves and updates any such data - time-consuming in-house data maintenance is no longer necessary. The graphical display and an intuitive user interface save lots of time and effort - easy and simple, no user training necessary.

Specific data evaluation for optimised machine deployment
The Hako-Fleet-Recorder is an on-board module with a mobile data transfer system. It records the operating hours and any other operating status of a machine on a daily basis so that customers automatically receive transparent and up-to-date fleet data. The user ID enables to analyze data such as: which user has operated which machine at what time; whether the machine has developed some kind of error; where the machine is currently located (via GPS), and much more.

QR code for further information and direct access to the web portal
Hako machines are labelled with a QR code, enabling the user or any prospective customer to access a menu containing additional information about the "scanned" machine directly via smartphone or tablet PC. Available are brochures, operating manuals, product and application videos and much more... Registered Hako-Fleet-Management-Solutions users can log in directly to access detailed information about the fleet of machines they employ. They can also use this application to place a specific service order if required.

Hako-Fleet-Management-Solutions offer a detailed overview at any time - either on the PC in the office or anywhere on a smartphone.


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