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Creative, Compact, Comfortable to use and with a Classic movement, Greenspeed's new cleaning trolley has it all. The C-shuttle is fully lockable, easy to manoeuvre and equipped with practical storage cabinets and drawers. In keeping with Greenspeed's philosophy, the highly durable C-shuttle work trolley is made from 75% recycled plastic. All the materials used are of the highest quality and are themselves fully recyclable. The C-Shuttle can be customised to the requirements of your business and personalized with your own design or logo.

Tested & 100% approved
Greenspeed has field-tested the C-shuttle at Lentis, a Dutch care centre that offers mental healthcare, forensic healthcare and care for the elderly. They were impressed by the C-shuttle's design features and delighted by its performance on-site, with their cleaning staff rating its efficiency and loving its practicality! Esther Sijbom, team leader of the Facility Department highlighted its security features: "At Lentis, we care about the safety of both our clients and our workers. The C-shuttles are fully lockable, which is a must when cleaning in the psychiatric sector." Now Lentis uses more than 30 C-shuttles on their premises!.

Which one fits you best?
The C-shuttle is available in three different formats. The C-Shuttle 150 consists of just one compartment and is ideal for small spaces. This cleaning trolley is equipped with a device holder and hooks on which to hang your cleaning materials. The C-Shuttle 250 is a standard variant with two compartments, has extra space for a bin liner and is perfect for the daily cleaning of medium and larger work areas. The C-Shuttle 350 has a greater capacity with three compartments and is specifically designed for cleaning large work areas and healthcare facilities.

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