GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner

Effective, high-quality, natural skin cleaning formulation designed for removing a variety of industrial soils, including grease, oil and tar.

Tough on Soils, Gentle on Skin

Industrial environments create unique soils that can be difficult to remove from the skin without damaging it. The GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner contains plant-based scrubbers (apricot stones & corn seed) and is enriched with plant-based moisturisers to ensure good skin compatibility. The formulation is pH neutral for the skin and is dermatologically tested.

Ecolabel approved, the GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner is free from plastic microbeads and contains over 85% biodegradable ingredients, making it not only gentle on the skin but good for the environment too.

This formulation is just part of the GOJO solution for tough soils environments, a range that is designed to help create a healthier workplace and includes; skin protection & conditioning creams, heavy duty & general cleansing products and hand & surface sanitisers.

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