ErgoDrop: a guarantee of ergonomics and safety

Filmop presents ErgoDrop, the ergonomic tank handle that assures the maximum result with the minimum effort: it cleans very easily even the most difficult-to-reach areas, saving time during the cleaning operations and protecting the operator's health.
The professional handle has two practical rotating handgrips that allow a simple and easy "S" movement and an exclusive patented closing system of the tank, peculiarities that make it unique, allowing to overcome the limits of traditional systems. The 360° rotating grips allow maintaining a correct posture and reduce considerably the wrist flexion and extension movements, preventing fatigue and the onset of musculoskeletal disorders and pathologies over time. Moreover, unlike traditional systems, it avoids the accidental leaking of cleaning solution: thanks to the specific screw, it is possible to block the closing flap device with hermetic gasket, preventing the loss of liquids.
ErgoDrop is light, handy and easy to use: the small flap is equipped with an opening blocking system that makes it easier to fill the tank with the cleaning solution and thanks the specific push-button it is possible to dispense the necessary solution on the floor, while the grips offer a stable and comfortable handle holding.
The dispenser handle assures a huge saving of cleaning solution: it allows dosing accurately the necessary quantity of detergent according to the surface to clean, avoiding unnecessary wastes.
ErgoDrop combined with Filmop mops guarantees high hygiene standards and is ideal for floor cleaning and disinfection in small-medium environments.


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