Equodose: dosing system on demand

Correctly cleaning and sanitizing every area is the only way to prevent the risk of cross-contamination: it is essential to use equipment suitable to this delicate task, in order to ensure healthier environments.

On this basis, Filmop has designed Equodose, a mechanical dosing device that allows cleaning each room with a different and always clean mop, thus reducing the risk of bacteria spreading.

Equodose enables to soak on demand only the mops required by the cleaning service, directly on site and with the possibility to regulate the right dose of desired cleaning solution for each mop, according to the surface to clean. The adjustable dosing mechanism is always ready to use, representing the ideal solution for emergency cleaning and extraordinary sanitization. Moreover, its tanks preserve cleaning solutions' active principles that could become less effective over time. Equodose is therefore particularly recommended for healthcare facilities, where assuring high hygiene standard is a fundamental need.

The dosing system allows reaching excellent results in cleaning and hygiene, reducing the working time and the cost of preparing mops compared to the preventive pre-soaking operations.
Moreover, Equodose minimizes environmental impact, if compared with traditional wet mopping systems: it allows to soak only the side of the mop that gets in contact with the floor, thus saving cleaning solution.

The dosing system also guarantees energy saving: no electric power is needed since Equodose is totally mechanical and does not require batteries. Finally, it is 100% recyclable at end-of-life.



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