EPD: the latest green goal by Filmop!

The latest green "achievement" of Filmop? The company has obtained the prestigious EPD - Environmental Product Declaration - for its Alpha trolley MA2606701U000 with Top-Down pre-soaking system. EPD is an environmental label of the III kind:  a document that Filmop uses to supply detailed information to the customers about its own production, following the assessment of the life cycle (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment) as methodology for identifying and quantifying environmental impacts. The choice to prefer products with environmental certifications is an important added value to be qualified as a supplier of eco-friendly products, and a responsible aid for environmental protection. For further information, visit the EPD official web site: http://www.environdec.com/en/Detail/epd1020

Many other steps translate the green soul of Filmop into several concrete and certified results. Continued investment in eco-sustainable product design, 100% recyclable products, environmental certifications, recycled raw materials (PSV-Plastic Second Life certification) to produce a wide range of products, as buckets, bins and trolleys. Alpha, Fred, Orion, Vega, just to name some of them.  Moreover, Filmop has obtained the EU Ecolabel certification for its Rapido Super microfiber mops, which is the most common and widespread European Union environmental quality label among consumers. However, there is more to say about the green soul of Filmop: the company manufactures its products using solar energy, apply to qualified suppliers according to REACH Regulation and offer to its customers a wide range of products, which are 100% recyclable.


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