Effortless cleaning

ErgoDrop is the ergonomic system for professional floor cleaning that ensures maximum results with minimum effort. It is composed of a tank handle with 500 ml capacity and an aluminium mop holder that stands out for its proven lightness and strength. Skill-Fur microfibre mop completes the system, ensuring best sliding and exceptional cleaning action.

ErgoDrop makes floor cleaning simple and effective, reducing working time: it allows dosing the quantity of cleaning solution according to the surface to clean and the dirt degree, preventing accidental spillage thanks to the innovative tank closing system. Besides, its compact size allows you to clean and sanitise even hard-to-reach areas with ease and quickly, obtaining an excellent result.

Practical, fast, and always ready to use, the new system is particularly suitable for cleaning in small and medium environments and it is ideal in all situations where immediate intervention is required.

ErgoDrop is designed to protect operator's health by preventing the onset of musculoskeletal disorders and pathologies caused by the continuous assumption of inappropriate postures and strong flex-extensions of the wrist repeated over time. It does not force the operator to assume uncomfortable or asymmetrical positions or make extreme wrist movements: the 360° rotation of the grips and the distinctive design of the mop holder joint facilitate the S movement, ensuring the maintenance of a correct posture during cleaning operations. Moreover, ErgoDrop strongly reduces wrist flexion and extension movements compared to traditional systems, preventing fatigue.



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