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About this company

EvaClean - Infection Prevention Solutions for Life

EvaClean® provides safer, more effective infection prevention solutions to protect public health and is one of the most trusted partners in every industry worldwide.

EvaClean PurTabs® and PurOne® disinfectant tablets eliminate the health risks associated with conventional cleaning chemicals. These innovative NaDCC chemistries are safer yet, more effective with the highest pathogenic kill claims and the lowest toxicity, as well as biodegradable and sustainable. The tablets provide accurate dilution to a broad spectrum of strengths, from surface sanitizer to hospital grade disinfectant, and serve a wide range of uses throughout the cleaning process.

EvaClean was one of the first to pioneer the use of electrostatic technologies for infection prevention and give facilities the power to accomplish more with less. Protexus® Electrostatic Sprayers have revolutionized cleaning by applying disinfectants 10-times faster and covering 3-times more area than traditional tools. EvaClean's advanced electrostatic sprayers raise efficiency and efficacy by achieving 360° coverage in 80% less time with 50% less labor. They also increase sustainability by using 68% less disinfectant and reducing chemical consumption 60% per square foot.

In addition to a portfolio of advanced technologies and smarter chemistries, EvaClean's PurExcellence® Program is designed to help partners increase safety, improve processes, and reduce costs. PurExcellence includes ongoing training and customized protocols to ensure partners receive maximum benefits and achieve long-term sustainability.

EvaClean empowers facilities with proactive infection prevention solutions that mitigate pathogens in a safer, more sustainable way, while saving time, money, and above all, saving lives.




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