ULTIMAXX: Cleaning Technology Transformed

ULTIMAXX 1900, the first in a new range of transformative walk-behind scrubbers from TASKI.

The ULTIMAXX range uses ultimate intelligence to get maximum results with smart technology that's transforming cleaning machine insights, efficiency and control.

IntelliTrail 2.0 remote component management is a game changer. An overview of your entire fleet from a single dashboard. Drill down to each individual machine, or take the fleet view and see the overarching trends.

Then, go beyond the now with IntelliPredict.

Instead of waiting for failure, IntelliPredict tells you what's going to happen, before it does, transitioning you from reactive to proactive maintenance, so your machines are never out of the game. One day, all maintenance will be predictive, but today, it's just ULTIMAXX.

The ULTIMAXX range revolutionises machine cleaning efficiency. ULTIMAXX cleans longer through refill and recharge autonomy. Compared with the previous swingo model, ULTIMAXX 1900 delivers 30% extended battery life and 40% more efficient water usage. Now, your team can clean longer, using less resources. Efficiency and sustainability combined.

When it comes to controlled cleaning, the ULTIMAXX range leads the way.

IntelliZone smoothly transitions cleaning between different facility areas. IntelliFlow and IntelliDose control water and chemical usage so that maximum cleaning comes with minimum resource use. Every ULTIMAXX machine has IntelliTouch screens offering a clear visual language, delivering granular machine control.

ULTIMAXX. The extra X is for exactly what your cleaning needs.

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