The new TASKI AERO 3500µicro perfectly combines vacuuming and sweeping with the highest productivity rates, on hard floors and carpets, to set new efficiency and quality standards for the commercial cleaning market. With a design based on the ULTIMATE TASKI ride-on platform, this new machine is easy to operate and delivers proven performance.

At TASKI, innovation is orange and the TASKI AERO 3500µicro is no exception.

High-quality air filtration is combined with the «TASKI WHISPER PATENT» to provide air that's clean of particulate and clear of noise emissions. The machine can also be fitted with an HEPA H13 filter for facilities and industries that need to take extra care with the quality of their air. When compared with manual cleaning, the TASKI AERO 3500µicro can deliver 3-4 times more productivity, resulting in a higher stand of clean in a fraction of the time.

The TASKI AERO 3500µicro offers facilities a machine with a wide working width of 60cm that doesn't sacrifice time, achieving a working speed of 5.5 km/h. This allows for unmatched productivity in large spaces with up to 3,575 m2 cleaned every hour and the Li-Ion batteries deliver up to 12,100 m2 on a single charge.

In smaller environments the TASKI AERO 3500µicro's compact size and agility come to the fore. With a turning circle equivalent to turning on the spot, it's not a problem to navigate narrow accessways and doors. It's in these smaller environments where the onboard tools also come into operation, enabling specific cleaning tasks to be undertaken.

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