A new era in floor cleaning is here

In a world demanding even higher standards of hygiene you have to work harder to impress your customers, guests and patients whilst safeguarding your brand.

Consumers are constantly assessing businesses. Your success depends on how comfortable they feel. Is it clean? Is it hygienic? Is it safe?

First impressions count. What do your floors tell your customers about your business?

Slips and falls as the result of wet or dirty floors and the risk of contamination spread from unclean mops and buckets are a serious threat. Unless mops are thoroughly laundered at high temperature or disposed of, microorganisms can quickly multiply. This is often a hidden problem.

You can't overcome today's challenges with yesterday's technology. The world has changed, and floor cleaning has changed too.

Today's micro scrubber driers answer the demand for superior hygiene. Simple and easy to use like a mop, but better in 3 ways:

1. More cleaning pressure. For visibly cleaner floors.
2. More soilage removed. For more hygienic floors
3. More water removed. For drier, safer floors.

Everyone can now achieve professional floor cleaning results. Now is the time to throw away your mop!

If you agree up until now that mopping has had its time, it means it is time for us to introduce the exciting TASKI swingo 250µicro to you.

The swingo 250µicro is a lightweight, mobile, micro scrubber that delivers cleaner, drier & safer floors.

To find out more got to TASKI.com or watch the video on Youtube

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