Welcome to the new era of automated floor cleaning. Introducing TASKI Ecobot

There are big concerns around robotic impact on human workers. With TASKI Ecobot 40 or Ecobot 50 on your team, there's more cleaning time, not less cleaners.

As you would expect from a TASKI ULTIMATE Cleaning Machine, it's crammed with innovation.

• Up to 3,000m2 per battery charge
• Charging or Workstation options to further increase the autonomy of the machines
• Multi-Sensor setup for mapping and obstacle detection
• HEPA H13 Filtration
• Consistent cleaning routes, responsive spot cleaning for soils and spills
• Touch shield bumpers for enhanced collision prevention
• Single pass cleaning that reduces time to clean
• Cable free recharging and refilling for extra safety

Five cleaning modes across open, narrow, and spatially complex areas, without the need for human intervention. After scanning an area, or series of areas, Ecobot will propose optimum cleaning routes to a human counterpart. Humans can adjust and adapt them based on their functional knowledge of the business and spaces.
Humans and Ecobots collaborating, bringing different spheres of knowledge to the cleaning.
Initially improving total cost of cleaning, Ecobot's colleagues can take on more complex cleaning tasks. With labour costs 80% of the total cost of cleaning, the cost remains the same but the cleaning undertaken has more value.
Adding Ecobot to your team is a cleaning and hygiene boost for your building, a budget benefit for you and bolsters retention by giving your staff more interesting, valuable cleaning work.

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