The best battery solutions for your cleaning machines

Battery Supplies offers a full range of Waterproof (IP66) LiFePO4 block batteries in 12V, 24V and 48V for industrial cleaning machines. Coming soon: 36V version!

-        Waterproof: IP66

-        Excellent lifespan up to 2000 cycles.

-        Maintenance free

-        Extremely safe: the batteries can charge quickly without overheating and gasification, they are also protected against overload and complete discharge thanks to the built-in BMS.

-        Ecologically, only advantages: these batteries contain no acid, no lead and no other toxic substances.

-        Our LiFePO4 Waterproof batteries can also be connected to each other in parallel.


LiFePO4 technology offers very unique advantages over any lead battery technology in terms of intermediate charging, fast-charging and battery lifetime.

Our company prides itself with our very dedicated team of engineers and designers that can work out a fully custom-made solution for your requirement!

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