NEW: Lead Carbon batteries from Battery Supplies

A perfect alternative for GEL and AGM batteries: with our Lead Carbon battery range you can count on a battery lifetime that will almost double that of a GEL battery and more than triple that of an AGM battery.

The negative plates of these batteries are made from lead and carbon and thus combine the advantages of ordinary lead-acid batteries with those of a supercapacitor. The addition of carbon ensures that these batteries have a higher charge acceptance and therefore have to charge less than regular lead-acid batteries. In addition, they supply more power, are more resistant to (extremely) low temperatures and guarantee a longer life. On top of that, this latest technology suppresses sulfation better than any other technology.


• Maintenance free alternative for AGM & GEL
• Better cycle life: > 1300 cycles (70% DoD) & up to 1000 cycles with 80% DoD
• Excellent performance in (extreme) low temperatures
• Price-friendly
• Charging time: Charging time is shorter than normal AGM
• Lead Carbon batteries can perfectly be used with good performance without being charged 100%

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