New middle class cage design high-pressure cleaner from Kärcher

For the toughest jobs

Winnenden, in September 2018 - Kärcher is expanding its middle class of cold water high-pressure cleaners to include especially robust machines with strong tubular steel frames. These cage models are suitable for professional use in the construction industry and agriculture and are available in performance classes with a flow rate of 560 to 760 l/h and a working pressure of 150 to 180 bar.

The frame is also advantageous when the work involves moving from site to site regularly. The high-pressure cleaner is quickly and securely attached to it and is suitable to be loaded onto a crane. The adjustable push handle and the large wheels also make transport highly convenient. If it were to topple, the flexible tubular steel frame cushions the energy of the fall, thereby protecting the pump unit.

A large filter at the water inlet and the automatic pressure relief system protect the pump components. After the trigger gun is closed, the pressure within the machine is lowered. This increases the service life, lowers repair and maintenance costs and reduces the trigger forces required for the high-pressure gun. The machines were designed with a strong focus on simple servicing. The pump is accessible for service work without having to open the cover. Depending on the application and working environment, the machines can be used while upright or lying flat.

The high-pressure cleaners are equipped with the EASY!Force trigger gun. The essential feature of this ergonomic accessory is the trigger which is slid into the handle using the heel of your hand. As a result, practically any retaining activity after the release is not necessary: The recoil of the water stream pushes the trigger into the hand by itself. The continuous tension in your hand and finger muscles that used to be necessary is no longer required.


HD 6/15 M Cage

HD 8/18-4 M Cage

Connection load

230 V/1 ~/50 Hz

400 V/3 ~/50 Hz

power supply

3.1 kW

4.6 kW

Max. temperature supply

60 °C

60 °C

Working pressure

150 bar/15 MPa

30-180 bar/3-18 MPa

Max. pressure

225 bar/22.5 MPa

270 bar/27 MPa

Flow rate

560 l/h

380-760 l/h

(without accessories)

36 kg

47 kg

(L x W x H)

460 x 420 x 970 mm



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