Mop meets scrubber dryer

Breakthrough for floor cleaning: BR 30/1 scrubber dryer from Kärcher 

Winnenden, July 2021 - Whether doctors' surgeries, hotels, classrooms or kindergartens: In small, restricted rooms, previously only manual floor cleaning was possible. With the BR 30/1 scrubber dryer, Kärcher launches on the market a machine for professional users that meets the long-standing demand for mechanical support in these areas. This battery-powered model is quiet, as well as easy and flexible to use. At the same time, in comparison with working with a classical mop system, significantly better and more hygienic cleaning results with shorter drying times are also possible.

Manual floor cleaning is time-consuming and physically demanding on the cleaners, and yet until now the investment in a compact scrubber dryer was in many areas not worthwhile. Too expensive, too difficult, too loud - these were the disadvantages that made the mop system seem to be unrivalled. With the BR 30/1, Kärcher closes this gap and combines the advantages of manual and mechanical cleaning in a single machine.

The scrubber dryer has a pre-sweeping function for coarse dirt and hair, which reduces the cleaning time by up to 50 per cent. Two rotating rollers (500 or 650 rpm) and a contact pressure of 40 g/cm² achieve a significantly better result compared with manual cleaning. Floor disinfection is also possible, by means of which a high level of hygiene can be ensured. For the user, working is considerably more ergonomical and hygienic, because the BR 30/1 automatically picks up the dirty water. There is therefore no contact with dirt, germs and cleaning agents, which substantially reduces exposure and the risk of infection.

Whereas surfaces remain moist for five to ten minutes after work with a mop system, after cleaning with the BR 30/1 they are dry after one to two minutes. After a short period, it is thus possible to again walk on the surfaces without the risk of slipping, and there is no need for barriers or cordons. Thanks to the low noise level of 55 dB(A), comparable with normal household noises, working in rooms with public access is possible without problem. The battery operation eliminates the need for bothersome cables, and the high battery runtime of one hour with a brief charging time of 40 minutes or a battery change results in smooth work processes.

As the BR 30/1 is aimed at the professional user, it is designed for continuous use. The robust model has a motor with a long service life and is suitable for daily use.

Kärcher Battery Universe
The "Kärcher Battery Universe" includes two battery platforms with a continuously growing number of machines ranging from the high-pressure cleaner to the leaf blower through to the multipurpose vacuum cleaner. Both the compact 18 V batteries and the powerful 36 V batteries are available in different capacities in order to cover a wide range of applications. Special feature: The batteries are fully compatible with all Kärcher machines of the same voltage class, whether they belong to Home & Garden or the Professional range. A unique selling point of all Kärcher batteries is the LCD display with real-time technology, which also accurately displays the remaining runtime and charge time in minutes in addition to the remaining battery capacity. The housing of the batteries is very shock-resistant and protected against dust and spray water in accordance with protection class IPX5. Thanks to efficient temperature management, the batteries deliver optimal performance even in intensive applications. Intelligent cell monitoring protects against overloading, overheating and deep discharge. If a machine is not operated for an extended period, the Battery Power battery's processor-controlled automatic storage mode ensures that the cells have a long lifetime.



BR 30/1 C Bp

Working width

300 mm

Fresh/dirty water tank

1 / 0.7

Brush speed Normal/Boost

500 / 650 rpm

Water flow Normal/Boost

30 / 130 ml/min

Contact pressure

40 g/cm²


6.1 kg (with battery and empty tank)

Sound pressure level

55 dB(A)




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