Kärcher offers CO2 certificates for scrubber driers

Climate-neutral cleaning

Winnenden, May 2016 - In collaboration with the climate protection consultancy ClimatePartner, Kärcher is now offering operators of its scrubber driers the option to offset the CO2 emissions generated by their machines. This is done by calculating the annual CO2 emissions generated by the fleet based on its size, models and average use. A specific amount of money per tonne of CO2 is then invested in an internationally certified climate protection project that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Climate-neutral cleaning contributes to the operator's internal sustainability targets and can have a positive impact when it comes to tenders in terms of increasing environmental protection requirements.

Together with ClimatePartner, Kärcher carries out all of the necessary steps on behalf of the operator, who can track how much CO2 has been offset online using an identification number. The carbon neutrality is confirmed by a certificate and shown on the scrubber driers with a label.

There are two internationally recognised projects to choose from: water treatment in Kenya or energy generation using hydroelectric power in Indonesia . The basis for climate-neutral cleaning is in the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to promote sustainable development worldwide and encourage avoidance of CO2.

Climate-neutral cleaning is now possible for almost all Kärcher scrubber driers.

The CO2 emissions generated while the machine is in use are calculated. A specific amount of money per tonne of CO2 is invested in a climate protection project that helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The recognised climate protection project "Water treatment in Kenya" provides the population with access to clean drinking water. The project is "Gold Standard" certified.

The second project, based in Renun, Indonesia, focuses on hydroelectric power as an alternative energy source.



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