Kärcher AF 100 air purifier now with HEPA 13 and HEPA 14 filters

Breathe safely

 Winnenden, February 2020 - In times of the corona pandemic, the effectiveness of air purifiers against viruses and infectious aerosol particles is increasingly coming into focus. For above all in closed rooms there is the risk that harmful particles cause illnesses or infections. Kärcher is now complementing its existing AF 100 air purifier with two HEPA filters of the classes H13 and H14. Thanks to highly efficient filter technology, infectious or hazardous substances in room air are reduced and the aerosol concentration is kept to a low level. The particularly silent air purifier is suitable for schools and kindergartens, offices, gastronomy, for care homes and doctors' practices, as well as for the retail trade.

Some disease-carrying germs, for example the coronavirus, enter room air as a component of larger aerosol particles. In closed rooms there is therefore the risk that people may be indirectly infected, even if social distancing and hygiene rules are followed. With the new HEPA filter with a specially high separation degree, the Kärcher AF 100 room air purifier can effectively filter from the air and retain even tiny particles measuring just a few micrometres*.

Pollen, house dust, bacteria, viruses or fine dust: Depending on requirements, users could previously choose from between five filter versions for the AF 100 - a universal filter which is provided as standard, an allergy filter against mites, allergens or animal hair, a TVOC filter against gases and odours, a smog filter against fine dust, or a health filter against germs, bacteria and mould. The new HEPA filter now complements the portfolio and can be retrofitted as an accessory.

Kärcher AF 100
Depending on the filter used and the room size, the maximum air throughput of the AF 100 is up to 780 m³/h. It is suitable for use in rooms of up to 100 square metres. The low operating noise level of max. 48 dB (A) at the highest level proves to be a significant advantage, and in night-time mode the noise is even further reduced. By comparison: Common noises in an apartment are between 45 and 50 dB (A). In addition, the low weight of 11.3 kg and the mounting on rollers allow mobile use of the air purifier.

The system of the AF 100 combines a strong motor with a highly efficient purifier and a three-stage filter system. A highly sensitive laser sensor continually measures the air quality and reliably indicates the quantity of particles of a size of up to 2.5 μm via the display. In addition, three different purifier speeds can be set via an operating panel. In automatic mode, the AF 100 regulates the air quality automatically and adjusts the power precisely. A display indicates when filter exchange is necessary. The filter can then be exchanged by the user without complication.


AF 100

Suitable room size

up to 100 m²

Sound pressure level max.

max. 48 dB(A)

Sound pressure level min.

min. 30 dB(A)

Current type

1 Ph / 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Rated input power

max. 80 W

Weight without accessories

11.3 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H)

380 mm x 380 mm x 713 mm

Air throughput max.

up to 780 m³/h

Air throughput of HEPA filter

H13: 650 m³/h; H14: 550m³/h

* Separation degree

H13: 99.95%; H14: 99.995% (with a particle size of 0.1 - 0.2 micrometres)


The AF 100 from Kärcher improves the quality of room air and reduces the risk of illnesses or infections.

Two new filters of the HEPA class complement the portfolio and effectively retain the tiniest particles in the range of just a few micrometres.

The AF 100 is suitable for use in rooms of up to 100 square metres. The low operating noise level proves to be a significant advantage. The maximum air throughput is up to 780 m³/h, depending on the filter.






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