KIRA B 50 from Kärcher: Automatic scrubber dryer for all cleaning tasks

Efficient, autonomous and simple and safe to use 

Winnenden, May 2022 - The developments in robotics and sensor technology are progressing steadily, and the possibilities are also growing. Kärcher has now equipped its cleaning robot KIRA B 50 with even more efficient sensors and laser scanners in order to ensure reliable navigation. A docking station and lithium-ion battery enable KIRA B 50 to be charged independently and automatically make it ready for use. Thanks to a unique operating concept, the autonomous scrubber dryer can be configured by practically any user, routes can be created and carried out easily. The high cleaning performance as well as cleaning close to the edges save manual effort and work time.

Efficient and autonomous scrubber dryer
Whether it is the transport industry, retail sector, healthcare or public buildings: The cleaning robot KIRA B 50 is perfect for applications on medium-sized and large areas as well as in tight spaces. With a working width of 55 cm, a maximum working speed of 3.6 km/h and the powerful 160 Ah lithium-ion battery, the compact and autonomous scrubber dryer brings an area performance of up to 2,000 m2/h in autonomous mode.

The water volume, cleaning agent dosing unit and cleaning speed can be preset, whereby the cleaning solution is applied depending on the working speed. The proven roller brush technique with pre-sweep function and the side brush, which enables cleaning close to the edge, ensure consistently good cleaning results. The effort which cleaning staff needed up to now through time-consuming floor cleaning is sharply reduced - and there is more time for other complex tasks.

All functions are easy to use

There are often reservations about cleaning robots as they can only be configured by trained specialists. That's why Kärcher developed the operation so that all settings can be made without expertise and technical knowledge thanks to intuitive menu and user guidance. Pictures and clear instructions help the user to create and adapt routes on the large touch display, start autonomous cleaning or if required start manual mode. If a cleaning section is to be programmed, then the user simply chooses a start point and follows the intended path with KIRA B 50 - the progress can be viewed at any point in time.

Modern technology and docking station

Thanks to 360° monitoring of the surrounding area by means of laser scanners, 3D and ultrasonic sensors, the cleaning robot from Kärcher reliably detects people. Obstacles beyond the machine width and height are also reliably identified and bypassed. The high-performance on-board computer ensures a rapid response and stable navigation with the necessary evasive manoeuvres. KIRA B 50 is certified according to the safety standards of CSA (North America) and IEC (Europe) for autonomous floor cleaning machines for professional use in public buildings. As the cleaning robot detects projected areas, masters bends and reverse driving, it is capable of manoeuvring in open spaces, whereby getting stuck on the route is avoided.

The optional docking station is available for even greater autonomy. There KIRA B 50 automatically fills the fresh water tank, empties and rinses the dirty water tank, as well as charges the battery. For larger areas several docking stations can be used for more efficient processes, whereby all steps can also be carried out manually.




Working width

550 mm

Fresh/dirty water volume

55 / 55 l

Brush type

Roller brushes

Battery type



24 V / 160 Ah

Battery runtime

3.5 h

Maximum speed, autonomous

3,6 km/h

Max. area performance

2000 m²/h

Length x Width x Height

1062 x 760 x 1161 mm

Weight without water

228 kg

Climbing ability, autonomous


Minimum passage width, autonomous

1000 mm

Wall clearance, autonomous

100 mm



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